Ways to Support the Mental Health Foundation

Ways to Support the Mental Health Foundation

Transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through research and advocacy. NIMH is part of the National Institutes of Health.

Encourage your team to talk openly about mental health in the workplace. This can help to reduce stigma and make it more normal for people with mental health issues to seek help.

Prioritizing Mental Well-Being in the Workplace

Online Donation Forms

A national organization dedicated to ensuring individuals living with mental illness are supported, understood, and treated. They work through advocacy, public awareness and education, and community outreach programs to help those suffering.

This group’s mission is to ensure that people affected by a mental health condition have access to treatment and recovery services, regardless of their ability to pay for them. They offer a variety of online resources for those seeking treatment and host events to encourage discussion and raise funds for mental health care.

This 501(c)3 nonprofit uses Donorbox to provide an online donation form for their supporters, making it easy for anyone to support their cause. They also hold a “Meets Standards” certification with the Charities Review Council, meaning they are committed to accountability and transparency in their financial activities. This includes the publication of their IRS 990 and annual financial audit statements. They also encourage donors to request copies of these documents from them upon request.

Supporting Mental Well-Being Through Donations


Sponsorships provide the opportunity to promote mental health awareness and encourage donations supporting the Foundation’s Brought To Reality mission. This includes opportunities to sponsor a 5K, an annual awards dinner, or other special events.

Across the country, community and regional funders focus on programs that address mental illness and its consequences for youth, including substance abuse and suicide. Other areas of interest include education (family alma mater support, equitable educational access, and school choice), cultural community arts development, historical and educational museums, civics and history education, and programs fostering entrepreneurship.

USA invests in nonprofit organizations that have the potential to make a significant impact through programs that improve youth mental well-being. They also look for nonprofits that strive to support under-resourced communities with poor social determinants of health (SDOH). One example is their grant program, which provides mental health support to families whose children have been through a traumatic pediatric medical intervention such as a life-threatening illness or surgical procedure.


NVMHF is a nonprofit that provides grants to people with mental health conditions and promotes mental wellness. They keep their overhead costs low, and 95% of the money they receive goes directly to those in need. Their focus is on helping individuals with serious mental illness get treatment and recovery. They also support the B4Stage4 philosophy, which focuses on treating conditions long before progressing to the most critical stages, much like how cancer is treated.

Whether you’re interested in raising awareness on college campuses or funding research into cures for mental illnesses, many charities are working toward those goals. Consider their mission and transparency ratings to select the best one for you. The most successful charities have clear missions and objectives and work to make them a reality. Those are the ones worthy of your donations.

Making a Difference: Donations for Prioritizing Mental Well-Being

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you’re interested in mental health advocacy, peer support programs, or community outreach, many volunteer opportunities can help you make a difference. In addition, volunteering can provide you with several benefits, including a sense of purpose and fulfillment, gaining work experience, building your professional network, practicing empathy, and improving your mental and physical health.

You can support NAMI in several ways, such as making a tax-deductible donation, becoming a member, and participating in fundraising events. By doing so, you can help create a world where everyone affected by mental illness experiences hope, recovery, and wellness.

Volunteering for Mental Well-Being

Grants to USA-based nonprofit organizations that are working to improve the mental health of individuals and families. This includes research, education and training, public policy advocacy, and clinical service delivery.


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