Transform Your Space With Residential Painting Ideas for Every Room

Transform Your Space With Residential Painting Ideas for Every Room

Transform your space by adding comfort, luxury, and style to any room on a budget. Often, just one small change can completely transform the space.

Paint isn’t just for walls; use it on furniture to give an old piece a new lease on life. Try using a stencil for a visually appealing effect.

Living Room

Paint can be a fun way to add an artistic touch or subtly zone areas within an open-plan room. Consider painting a wall with clean lines or an attractive shape to create a feature wall that serves a practical purpose, such as separating the living room from the dining space.

A shade of blue is a classic, timeless option for any living room. Light shades exude calm, while deeper hues lend a dramatic, energizing feel. You can also perk up a neutral palette with a chic ombre effect, which consists of various shades that fade into each other and look beautiful with pictures, designs, or wall decorations.

Bright painting ideas from a professional like Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting can also bring out the best in a room’s architectural features, such as molding and built-in storage. Try painting these elements a shade lighter or darker than the walls to create pop accents.


As a place for rest, the bedroom does best with calming hues. But that doesn’t mean those walls can’t be drenched in rich green shades reminiscent of nature.

In this cozy bedroom designed by Victoria and Marcus Ford, the same color on the walls, doors, and trim creates a cocooning feel. The same color also complements passed-down knickknacks and furniture pieces.

A bold accent wall can be a powerful choice, but having the right colors in your space is essential before you start painting. Using paint is a great way to dip your toes into a trend before committing hardcore with more consequential choices like wallpaper or a statement-making rug.


Your entryway sets the tone for your home and lets guests know what kind of personality you have. Excellent and relaxing shades like a light green-gray instill calm and relaxation, while bright and vibrant yellows exude positivity and happiness.

A fresh coat of paint can transform your entryway into a more welcoming space. If you’re looking for a classic look, choose a clean white shade or a warmer neutral to complement your furniture. Or, give your walls a modern graphic look with a free-hand paint application that creates large brushstrokes. You can also experiment with zoning your entryway by painting only one wall, such as the bottom third, and leaving the rest white. This will add dimension to the space without making it too busy.


Whether you’re revamping your powder room or overhauling the main bath, a fresh coat of paint can instantly change the mood and character of the space. From blocking out a statement wall to creating eye-catching wall painting effects, these simple and creative ideas will help you unleash the transformative power of color in your home.

Using color to draw attention to architectural accents like molding and doorways is an easy and effective way to make your home feel more pulled together and polished. For example, the designers behind this 2021 House Beautiful Whole Home used Sherwin-Williams Chapelle Green to highlight their patterned wallpaper choice and create a cohesive finish.

Please don’t limit yourself to your walls when it comes to color. You can also use paint on the ceiling, known as “the fifth wall.” Try a bright or muted shade to give your bathroom an eye-catching visual impact.


The kitchen is the hub of many families’ lives and must feel inviting and functional. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference.

White is a classic option for the kitchen because it naturally reflects light and brightens the space. It also acts as a neutral that blends well with any appliances, cabinets, or countertops.

Soft pastels can be an excellent choice for the kitchen as they are soothing and create a cozy feeling. Yellow is another energizing color that can brighten the room. Earth mid-tone greens like Sherwin-Williams Organic Green can create a natural, woodsy feel to the room.

The kitchen can also use more saturated colors like navy blue or sage green. These bold hues can be paired with more muted neutrals to keep the room from being too overpowering.


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